Rawasy Engineering Projects

Design – Build ProjectsOur creativity and innovation is best expressed through our design build approach to construction in mosques, large and small scale commercial, light industrial and residential building Projects. The key to success in design build is establishing a vision and delivering it within the budget and Projects expectations of the customer. The mixture of energy and experience we provide at RAWASY is the perfect foundation for executing creative Projects that stay on time and on budget.

Building a VisionWe have found that the most effective way to understand a client is through building a trusting relationship; one that opens up discussion and allows a free movement of ideas. As a team working cooperatively with our clients we identify expectations, building requirements and what the personality of the organization is. RAWASY is successful because of the relationships we build, the comfort our customers have in expressing themselves and our ability to translate that into exciting building designs.

Value EngineeringAt RAWASY Contracting Company, we stand behind the principles of value engineering, in order to improve the value of the service we provide to our customers. Our Professional Engineers review each phase of the Projects in order to provide recommendations for improving the quality of the Projects, ensuring all needed functions are present, and reducing the time needed to complete the Projects. Value engineering is not a cost-cutting exercise. Rather, it’s a creative, team-based effort that analyzes the requirements of your Projects in order to achieve all of your essential functions at the lowest costs (including capital, energy and maintenance) over the life of the Projects

Benefits of Design Build:• One Point of Contact for Entire Projects
• In-House Concrete, Steel, & Installation Expertise
• Expedited Projects Schedules
• Avoids Projects Setbacks and Escalations
• More Cost Effective