Rawasy Engineering Projects

General ContractorAs the general contractor, we first create the highest level of trust and integrity with our clients. We value our role in the success of your Projects, and take all the steps needed to ensure the end product is one that meets your needs and makes us proud. As your general contractor, we provide all materials, labor, equipment and services; subcontract with trade and specialty contractors; assist with building permits; monitor schedule and cash flow; and ensure a safe and secure Projects site.
Keeping your Projects on track, on time and on budget requires as much knowledge and craft from the General Contractor as any of the building trades involved in the Projects. RAWASY offers full-time onsite management and expertise with Projects superintendents who have an average of 10 years of field experience. We also assign a Projects manager to oversee overall administration and ensure that your Projects has limited risk exposure.

RAWASY  has its own teams of highly skilled labor to support construction requirements. Our approach to construction management is customizing resources to deliver the highest quality at the best value and maintaining the Projects budget without sacrificing the overall vision. Providing highly experienced leaders along with a capable team of general contractors gives us the capability to tackle large and small scale construction management Projects across Egypt As general contractors, we typically handle:

Pre-construction• Budget Pricing
• Permit acquisition
• Projects management
• Quality control

Construction• Submittal, shop drawing and sample administration
• Documentation
• Construction phasing and sequencing
• Scheduling
• Safety management
• Construction progress meetings
• Projects accounting and Financial Risk management

Post-construction• Testing and commissioning
• Equipment training and maintenance manuals
• New building orientation
• As-built drawings
• Warranties
• Turnover

Benefits of General Contracting:• Client Controls Projects Design
• RAWASY Manages All Projects Operations
• In-House Concrete, Steel, & Installation Expertise
• Access to Best Subcontractors As Needed